11th Annual Nude Show


11th Annual Nudes in November 2013 at the Chris Sorensen Gallery

Multi-artist, all media exhibition
This is a Juried and Judged exhibition and the guidelines are as follows:

October 28 through November 22, 2013 Gallery hours: Monday -Friday 9am-4pm

Saturday 9am-12pm
Reception: Art Hop, Thursday, November 7, 2013 5pm- 8pm

At check in you will fill out an entry form, be prepared to provide: Artists name, address, email and phone number
Artwork with contact info on the back or bottom Artwork titles, media and price or value. Click here to view these rules in PDF form.

Entry Form

Read rules care fully: by entering you agree to these rules.

  1. All art work must portray the nude human figure.

  2. All media will be considered, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.

  3. Abstract art works that do not represent the human figure will be rejected.

  4. Art work with suggestive sexual content will be rejected.

  5. Artist(s) must have a signed model release from all recognizable models in the artwork.

  6. Original work only may be submitted by the artist or for the artist with their permission.

  7. Any work previously submitted in a “Nudes in November” exhibition will not be

    accepted for submission.

  8. A non-refundable entry fee of $20 per piece with a maximum of two (2) pieces submitted.

  9. All wall art must be wired to hang from one point, no claw hangers.

  10. All work must be complete and dry before entry.

  11. The maximum dimension for wall art is 48”wide x 80” high, including frame.

  12. All sculpture must be easily moved through a standard door.

  13. All work must be labeled on the back or bottom with name and current contact

    informat ion.

  14. Work must stay for entire length of exhibition.

  15. Artist will price their work for sale. The Sorensen Gallery will not price work.

  16. A 25% commission on all sales will go to Chris Sorensen to offset exhibit expenses.

  17. Check in and check out times and dates will be strictly enforced, no exceptions.

    Work left before check in date will not be accepted for jury. If you can’t make check in you may have someone submit your work for you. The Chris Sorensen Gallery will not be responsible for work not picked up; we do not have storage space. Work left will become property of the Chris Sorensen and may be disposed of as he sees fit.

  18. Non-compliance of any guideline will result in non-acceptance of work.

    These are important dates that you will need. Reception Art Hop Thursday November7th 5pm– 8pm

Receiving submissions: Saturday, Oct 26th, 9am – 2pm only Pick up exhibited work: Saturday, Nov 23rd, 9am – Noon only

Entry Form

Chris Sorensen Studio and Gallery
2223 S. Van Ness Ave., Fresno, CA 93721 Curator: Amy Kohl 559-250-2277


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