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Arts Alive in Agriculture: When Arts Come Alive

Submissions are now open for the 2019 Arts Alive in Agriculture Showcase, one of the highlights of the Fresno Arts Council Spring line-up.

EXHIBIT DATE: April 4, 2019

LOCATION: Fresno City Hall




ARTS ALIVE in AGRICULTURE EXHIBITION AND COMPETITION is an event to pay respect to the admirable attributes of our community tradition and resources.  The Central Valley is a large flat valley covering the innermost portion of the State of California.  Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada, Cascade and Tehachapi Mountain ranges, the central Valley is one the world’s most fruitful regions where nearly all non-tropical crops are grown.  THE FRESNO ARTS COUNCIL seeks to highlight the agricultural industry by showing thoughtful and compelling works from credible artists from the central valley.  2019 ART SHOW will feature mixed-media works in: painting, sculpture, photography and found objects.


Open to all artist who reside in the Central Valley 18 years or older.

  1. The Human Component of Agriculture
  2. Technology and Machinery of Agriculture
  3. Agricultural Landscapes.


MEDIA: Art media in painting, sculpture, photography and found objects may be submitted in any and all categories.


Submit a one-page cover sheet for all entries, include your contact information: name, address, telephones (cell, work & home), your e-mail and website addresses. Description of artwork: media, style, dimensions and general subject matter.
Works submitted must have been completed in the last two years, cannot be a copy.
Photographic images: Judging will be done in two categories, Documentary: basic image management without manipulations of subject matter. Interpretive: involving manipulation of subject matter.
Artwork: must be submitted dry, framed, securely wired and ready to hang, acrylic rather than glass for covering work is preferred, framing must be simple and not heavy.
Each work cannot be taller than 34”; the length should not be wider that 60”.
Each work cannot weight over 50 lbs.
3D Pieces: must be at least 8 inches in any direction (for safety purposes)
No accepted works can be removed before the completion of the show.
Works must be available for purchase with 30% commission on all sales.
Entrants will be notified of their acceptance by March 5, 2018. Final exhibit details will be available at that time. Additionally, submission of a brief artist’s bio (100 words or less), and a FAC release of liability form will need to be signed at this time.

Full size, no larger than 2mb, 72 dpi resolution
Sized to 1280 pixels
JPG format
JPG compression quality: medium
File name consists of: your name, underscore, first name, underscore and title of work.
(Ex: Smith_Art_The Flight)

ENTRY FEE:  $30.00, 2 works $40.00, 3 works $50.00

      1. Fill out the Submission Form Here -> Arts Alive Submission Form  Submission Guidelines
      2. Email submission to Alexis Perez:
      3. Pay Submission Fee here ->
# of Pieces to be submitted
You may also pay by check


Jurors of the 2019 Arts Alive in Agriculture show will be conducted by qualified artists and patrons in the field of agriculture and the arts.


Contact:  Alexis Perez; at Fresno Arts Council 559-237-9734 or visit


Best in Show!


 2018 Best in Show- “Perambulation”- Daniel Van Gerpen


 2017 Best in Show- “Above Rivers and Rows”- Daniel Van Gerpen


 2016 Best in Show- “Almond Growers”- Jim Curnyn


 2015 Best in Show- “Melon Picker”- Rick Freitas


 2014 Best in Show- “Peel Me a Grape”- Dixie Salazar

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