2018 Horizon Awards

Sunday, October 14th

Tower Theatre

4pm – 7pm

We are a community that recognizes and honors the ARTS”

**For Immediate Release**


Contact Information:

Lilia Gonzales Chavez

Executive Director

Fresno Arts Council

(559) 237-9734


Fresno, CA: Fresno Arts Council (FAC), is thrilled to be hosting their 33rd Annual Horizon Awards, during October’s National Arts Month on Sunday, October 14th, at The Tower Theater in the Tower District.  


This much-awaited event began in 1984 to recognize the contributions of artists and art supporters in the Fresno community, Horizon Awards have been awarded to 207 outstanding Fresno County citizens and organizations.  


The arts and cultural activities supported by FAC have an important economic impact on our community as we continue in making Fresno a great place to live and to visit. The Horizon Award is just one of the many services and programs provided by FAC. FAC has also established a multidisciplinary artist-training program that allows us to work closely with schools and correction facilities to deliver critical arts lessons absent for many years in the public sector.  


The Annual Horizon Awards are given to recognize individuals, organizations and businesses in six categories: Artist, Business, Citizen, Educator, Special, and Youth, that have made a significant contribution toward the enrichment of life in the Fresno Community through the excellence in the Arts. This event will include the awards ceremony, held in the Tower Theatre, honoring this year’s winners as well as a catered reception after. 


We look forward to having you join us in honoring artists and supporters of the arts on Oct 14th!

Past Winners


Jean Ray Laury                           Artist Award

Edward EmanuEl                        Artist Award

The Fresno Bee                            Business Award

Fresno Musical Club                  Special Award

Ella Odorfer                                  Educator Award

Linda Sue Thomas                      Citizen Award

Jose Bowen                                   Youth Award



Joyce Aiken                                  Artist Award

Lyles Diversified                          Business Award

Alan Rea                                       Educator Award

Alex Vavoulis                              Special Award

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bonner      Citizen Award



Juan Serrano                                 Artist Award

James & Coke Hallowell            Citizen Award

Gottschalk’s                                 Business Award

Phyllis Scott Johnson                 Educator Award

William McLelland                     Special Award

Peter Nicholson                            Youth Award

Nathan Bertoldi                           Youth Award



Patti Handley                               Artist Award

Dan Pessano                                 Artist Award

Clarence & Caroline Harris       Citizen Award

Berry Lewis                                  Educator Award

Robert Barrett                              Special Award

El Paso Natural Gas Co.             Business Award

Hilary Nicholson                          Youth Award



Kenny Hall                                   Artist Award

Lewis S. Eaton                            Business Award

Larry Balakian                            Citizen Award

Jane Cleave                                  Educator Award

David Hale                                   Special Award

Andrea Chamberlain                  Youth Award



Rollin Pickford                                 Artist Award

Frank Caglia                                     Business Award

Ruth Phillips                                      Citizen Award

James Winter                                    Educator Award

Peggy Lang                                       Special Award

Jua Chang                                         Youth Award

Audra McDonald                             Youth Award


Dorothy Renzi                                  Artist Award

Dennes Combs                                 Business Award

Sue McCline                                     Citizen Award

Clytee Ramsey                                 Educator Award

Irene Klug Nielsen                            Special Award

Aaron Arredondo                             Youth Award


Philip Lorenz                                    Artist Award

Mervyn’s                                           Business Award

Bernard Karian                                 Citizen Award

Harriett Gill                                       Educator Award

Russell Howland                              Educator Award

Leon S. Peters Foundation              Special Award

Children’s Playhouse                       Youth Award

Ernesto Trejo, In Memory Of         Director’s Award


John Sierra                                        Artist Award

Sam & Betsy Reeves                       Business Award

Anita Shanahan                                Citizen Award

Duncan Enterprises                          Special Award

Frank Laury                                      Educator Award Johannes Gamble        Youth Award


Clem Renzi                                       Artist Award

Philip Levine                                    Artist Award

Chamlian Enterprises                       Business Award

Mary LaFollette                               Special Award

Roxie Moradian                               Citizen Award

Gary Unruh                                       Educator Award

Jacob Murphy                                   Youth Award

Dane Andersen                                 Youth Award

Carolyn Hecker                                Director’s Award


Sally Stallings                                   Artist Award

Fresno Surgery Center                    Business Award

Edward Nichols                                Citizen Award

Leon Osborne                                   Special Award

Arthur E. Huff                                 Educator Award

Michael P. Connelly                       Youth Award

Melinda Salcido                               Youth Award



Robin Gay McCline                        Artist Award

Donna M. McCauley                      Educator Award

Dumont Printing                               Business Award

Larry & Susan Early

Raymond Harvey                            Special Award

Joan Niboli                                        Citizen Award

Aaron Sciandra                                Youth Award



A.F. (Corky) Normart, Jr.              Artist Award

Baker, Manock & Jensen               Business Award

Fred Bologna                                   Educator Award

Benjamin Amirkhanian                 Citizen Award

Karen Yrulegui                                 Citizen Award

Andreas Werz                                   Special Award

Melanie Vartabedian                      Youth Award

John Withrow                                   Youth Award

William & Dorothy Petesch          Director’s Award

Ara Dolarian                                     Architectural

Police Award



Donna Locati                                   Artist Award

Steve Dzerigian                                Educator Award

Eric R. Gratz                                    Educator Award

Henrietta Hagopian                        Citizen Award

David Sarkisian                               Special Award

Richard Rael-Giddens                    Youth Award

Brannon Davies                               Youth Award

Jim Wasserman                               Architectural

Police Award



Ernesto R. Palomino                    Artist Award

Central Color Graphics                Business Award

Ara & Pat Paboojian

Arthur Dyson                                Special Award

Nancy Marquez                            Citizen Award

Janice C. Hewitt                           Educator Award

Wyeth Hansen                              Youth Award

Nicola Iacovetti                            Director’s Award



Heinz Kusel                                   Artist Award

Robert Boro Landscaping           Business Award

Gordon Goede                              Special Award

Kathleen Ramspott Wosika         Educator Award

Virginia Farquhar                         Citizen Award

Christa Lynn Pehl                        Youth Award

Eric Brelsford                               Youth Award

Robert & Jan Hansen Family      Director’s Award



August Madrigal                          Artist Award

Carmencristina Moreno               Artist Award

Ruiz Foods, Inc.,                          Business Award

Kim Ruiz Beck

Howard Growdon                        Citizen Award

Carolyn Robertson                       Educator Award

Gary Soto                                      Special Award

Matt Crum                                    Youth Award



John Chookasian & the                Artist Award

Chookasian Armenian

Concert Ensemble

Dotty Abbate                                Citizen Award

Radio Bilingue                              Special Award

Education Employees                  Business Award

Credit Union

Margaret Hudson                         Educator Award

Erynn Richardson                        Youth Award

Past Winners


Robert Ogata                                    Artist Award

Valley Public Television,                 Business Award


George Ollikkala                              Citizen Award

Dixie Salazar                                    Educator Award

Chris Sorensen                                 Special Award

Susana Ramos Esquivel                   Youth Award


Joel Abels                                          Artist Award

Duane Weston                                  Citizen Award

Arriba Valle Central, Univision      Business Award

Polly Brewer                                     Special Award

Dede Nibler                                       Educator Award

Sabrina Cavalletto                            Youth Award



David Mas Masumoto                     Artist Award

Good Company Players                   Business Award

Valley Public Radio-KVPR            Business Award

Jacquelin Pilar                                   Citizen Award

Terry W. Allen                                  Educator Award

Charles Hanzlicek                            Special Award

Eva Scow                                          Youth Award


Dr. Anna Hamre                               Artist Award

John Moses,                                      Business Award

Fresno Filmworks

Marcel Nunis,                                   Special Award

The Rogue Festival

Adolf Odorfer (1902-1995)             Special Award

Awarded Posthumously

Dr. Bob Bennett                               Educator Award

Kaye Bonner Cummings                 Citizen Award

Kathryn Johncox                              Youth Award

Marissa Honda                                 Youth Award


Stanley C. Bitters                         Artist Award

Peter Everwine                              Artist Award

Kaye Migaki                                 Educator Award

Ronald Eichman,                          Business Award

Fresno Grand Opera

Pat Wolk,                                       Citizen Award

Fresno Folklore Society

Jon Carroll,                                    Special Award

Fresno Reel Pride

Yifan Luo                                      Youth Award



Will Portis                                     Artists Award

Toshi Yoshioka,                           Business Award

Tokyo Garden

Peter & Angela Dal Pezzo           Citizen Award

Dr. Roy Klassen                           Educator Award

Granville Homes, Inc.                  Special Award

League of Mexican American     Special Award


Patrick Contreras                          Youth Award


Edna Garabedian                          Artist Award

Agustin Lira &

Patricia Wells Solorzano             Artist Award

Jacqueline Doumanian                Business Award

Catherine M. Rehart                    Citizen Award

Dr. Corrine Hales                         Educator Award

Stephanie Pearl                             Special Award

Anne Rempel                                Youth Award


Pat Hunter & Thi Nguyen           Artist Award

Sally Caglia                                   Business Award

William Raines                             Citizen Award

Mark Patterson

& Larry Powell                             Educator Award

William Saroyan

CSUF Summer Arts                     Special Award

Bach Children’s Choir                 Youth Award



John Kelly (Posthumously)         Artist Award

Chris Hays                                    Business Award

Richard Cencibaugh                    Citizen Award

Dr. Thomas Loewenheim            Educator Award

Donald Munro                              Special Award

Heather Anderson

Maya Kratzer                                Youth Award



Licia Clark                                  Educator

Ken & Marla Grey                      Citizen

CMAC                                         Business

Fresno Coin Gallery                    Business

Community Centers for               Special

the Arts & Technology

William Chen                              Youth

Frank Arnold                               Artist



Bill Bruce                                     Artist Award

KMPH- Great Day                       Business Award

Janice Stevens        Ella Odorfer Educator Award

Bryan Medina                           Citizen Award   Vida Samiian                            Special Award

Keegan Bamford                       Youth Award



Soul Vang                                   Artist Award

Janice Noga & Oscar Speace     Artist Award

Social Vocational Services, Inc. Business Award

Fresno Tower Arts Program

Helga Medd                               Educator Award

Dr. Joseph Castro                      Special Award

Chloe Mueller                           Youth Award



    Dr. Paulette Fleming               Educator

( post humously)

Murray & Francine Farber   Citizen

Great America Car Wash        Business

Ma Ly                                      Artist

Dr. Jackie Ryle                        Special


Michael Reece                        Educator

Howard Watkins                    Citizen

Jonathon Hogan                      Special

Joel Abels                               Special

Mac Mechem                          Artist

Aideed Medina                       Artist

Pengsue Vang                         Youth

Good Company Players          Business