The City of Indio Public Arts & Historic Preservation Commission is seeking qualifications from
artists or artist teams for the commission and installation of a site-specific, original, outdoor
public art piece to honor the many victims of the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy. This
work of public art will serve as a permanent memorial and focal point of the site that is to be
located within a public art space located at the northwest corner of Jackson Street and
Kenner Avenue, in Indio, California. The budget for this project is $100,000 and is all–inclusive.
A selection committee and the Public Arts & Historic Preservation Commission will review the
RFQ applications, and subsequently invite up to three finalists to receive an honorarium to create
proposals for the 9/11-First Responders Memorial Project. Further details are provided in this
The deadline for RFQ submissions is June 30, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.


Selected Artist(s)/Artist Design teams will develop an outdoor public art work (traditional, figural
statue or non-representational sculpture) utilizing the recovered remnants of the World Trade
Center in such a way that commemorates victims who lost their life that day. The work will
also pay tribute and honor first responders.


In 2014 the City of Indio was given the opportunity to receive a piece of World Trade Center
steel recovered from the site, after the tragedy that claimed 2,973 innocent lives on
September 11, 2001. The City was humbled and proud to be given such an offer and made
the commitment to identify a site and construct a 9/11-First Responders Memorial.
This site-specific Memorial will be the focal point of the site, and constructed around the
recovered remnant World Trade Center piece the city received. The selected work will honor the
extraordinary heroism, commitment and sacrifice of the 9/11 victims, rescuers and first
responders. The goal is to create a sense of place within the community that serves to
recognize the courage, dedication and sacrifice of those who have defended America’s freedom,
and where people can gather. This site is intended to be a place of reflection, and honor all
that risk their lives to save others. The work should also be contextualized within the
framework of the City of Indio’s diversity, heritage, and culture.
The 9/11 Memorial will be complemented by the creation of other projects, which include an
Entry Monument and Veterans Memorial Wall; which is intended to recognize the individual
men and women of Indio in the various branches of the military – Army, Navy, Marines, Air
Force, Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marines – who served this country, those who were
Killed In Action (KIA) and the military men and women declared Missing In Action (MIA)
over the course of American history.

For more information or to submit an entry:

9/11 First Responders Project Webpage

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