30315_118306298207918_1201043_nPrincipals of Fresno area middle schools:  

The Cultural Arts Rotary Club is honored to partner with the family of the late A. J. Parker-Foster in gifting a new musical instrument to a middle school student who has demonstrated commitment and dedication in the areas of academics, the arts, music and community.  You are invited to nominate one or more students by completing the enclosed application and returning by email or hard mail to Jackie Ryle, as indicated on the application form.  The deadline for submission is May 24, 2013, and the award will be made at meeting of the Club on Tuesday, June 11 at noon at Arte Americas Casa de Cultura at 1630 Van Ness (at the corner of Calaveras).  The winning student, family members and school representatives will be the guests of the Club for lunch, and members of the Parker-Foster family, who donate the new instrument, will be present.

Thank you for joining with the Cultural Arts Rotary Club and the Parker-Foster families in supporting arts for youth.  We look forward to hearing from you, and honoring one of your students.

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