Artist in Residence(AIR) Grant Application 2013-14

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May 1, 2013–Application period begins
May 31, 2013–Deadline for applications
June 30, 2013–Selection and notification completed
August 27, 2013—Attend Fresno Arts Network(FAN) meeting, 9am-12pm
September 24, 2013–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
October 29, 2013—Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
November 4-5, 2013– Project planning during two day training at FCOE.
November 26, 2013–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm December 2, 2013—Project planning finalized January 13, 2014 —Projects begin
January 28, 2014–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
February 25, 2014–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
March 25, 2014–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
April 29, 2014–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
May TBD–Participate in Artist in Residence Showcase
May 27, 2014–Attend FAN meeting, 9am-12pm
June TBD–Submit final report FCOE

Contact: Robert Bullwinkel, or (559) 779-8702

General AIR Project Description

UnknownIn order to inspire our schools and communities and to support high quality arts education, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Larry Powell will fund 12 artist in residence grants, four each year for the 2011-14 school years. Each of the $10,000 grants will go to artists and/or arts organizations in the disciplines of dance, music, theatre, visual arts and digital media. Each artist and/or arts organization will be in residence at one or more K-12 schools to provide a combination of the following services in collaboration with the FCOE’s Visual and Performing Arts department:

• Direct, standards-based arts instruction to students
• Professional development in arts and arts integration for teachers
• Performance or exhibits for students, parents and school staff
• Model lessons for teachers
• Arts project that addresses community needs and lives on at the school

By submitting this application, the artist agrees to the following deliverables for the Artist in Residence program:
1) The program will operate during the regular school day.
2) The program requires active collaboration with a teacher(s) at the school.
3) The program requires a minimum of 200 hours for planning, implementation and follow up and at least 40 hours of direct student work with the artist per classroom teacher, e.g. two classes equals 80 hours.
4) Participation in a two-day training, November 4-15, 2013.
5) Assist the school to distribute and collect parent permission forms for all participating students, including a media release.
6) Keep accurate records and assist the school to gather demographic information about the participating students
7) Document the project with photographs and/or video.
8) Submit a final report from a provided template, June, 2014 TBD.
9) Assist the school will prepare a tri-fold display board documenting the project using provided guidelines.
10) Participate in an Artist in Residence Showcase in May, 2014 TBD.
11) Collaborate with the school to create a culminating event at the school site engaging teachers, parents and community to highlight the students’ work, e.g. an art fair, a student performance, and art exhibition, etc..
12) Participate in monthly meetings of the Fresno Art Network and an Artist-in-Residence update following each meeting.
13) Priority given to artists who live or work in Fresno County.
14) The chosen artist must complete a criminal background check.

Artist Application and Selection Process

Applicants will complete an online application and submit a portfolio of their work. A panel of arts and education experts will assess the artist’s achievement and experience in providing outstanding arts education experiences for students and teachers. The committee will paper screen the applicants and conduct interviews as needed. Once artists are selected, schools will apply and will be matched to the appropriate artist. Working together, the school and the artist will submit a collaborative project description to the FCOE for final approval. This process will allow for flexibility and creativity to design unique projects that inspire deep learning and great artistry.

Artist Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree and/or significant achievement in the arts
• Evidence of successful work in leading teacher workshops
• Ability to teach standards-based arts lessons for students
• Ability to collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders
• Open to all artists or arts organizations who meet the qualifications

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