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Arts Alive In Agriculture 2017

Jim Curnyn, ” Almond Growers” ,Best in show, Arts Alive in Agriculture 2016

The Fresno Arts Council is calling all artists to participate in the Arts Alive in Agriculture Juried Exhibition and Showcase on April 6, 2017, located at Fresno City Hall, to show our respect and appreciation for today’s agricultural industry.

Driving through the Valley, it’s easy for one to fall in love with the rich greenery that covers miles upon miles of the region’s vineyards, furrows, orchards and wineries. Our vineyards, orchards and furrows grow some of the most abundant fruits and vegetables that are distributed to families all over the country.  The further you drive into the Central Valley, the more you are able to see the agricultural history taking place. However, it’s impossible to go on without mentioning the hard work that goes into growing such celebrated and delicious fruits and vegetables. Our plentiful agricultural history has shown us that those who work in the fields, work long and strenuous hours under the bright and sweltering sun, and it’s important to acknowledge and show our appreciation for such hard work and dedication to feeding the people of this world. The growers are the artists of the agricultural industry and they create in one of the most natural ways; create alongside them as we bring the two worlds together in our annual Arts Alive in Agriculture event.

The 2017 art show will feature mixed media works depicting the industry and culture of agriculture in: painting, sculpture, photography and found objects. The exhibition also includes cash prizes, with first prize coming in at $500. The Fresno Arts Council seeks to highlight the agricultural industry by showing thoughtful and compelling works from credible artists of California.

Deadline for entries is Friday February 24th

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