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Arts License Plate


Proceeds from sales and renewals of California’s Arts Plate support arts education programs across California.

You can support arts education programs in California by purchasing an Arts Plate. The Arts Plate generates about $3 million per year for arts programs benefiting children and communities throughout the state. Your Arts Plate will help create a state of innovation, and ensure that California continues to be a world leader in creative and innovative industries for generations to come.

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The California Arts Plate was created through special legislation in 1994. It is a joint project between the California Arts Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles and was the first specialty plate program in the U.S. designed solely to benefit the arts. The plate image is titled “Coastline” and was created by renowned California artist Wayne Thiebaud in 1993.

Drivers in California can purchase standard-number plates through the DMV for $50 with a $40 renewal fee. Drivers who choose to enhance the plate with personalized letters and numbers may do so for $98 with an annual $78 renewal fee. Arts Plate sales and renewal fees may be tax deductible for individuals and businesses.

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