Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno's 2016 Ramadan Art Contest

Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno’s 2016 Ramadan Art Contest

The goal of this art contest is to portray the teaching of Prophet Muhammad regarding honoring our elders.

Entries will be assigned to two categories:

          Category 1:   Ages 18 and above                   prize:$1500.00 and a Plaque.

          Category 2:   Ages 12-17                       prize:   $500.00 and a Plaque.

                                                                                                                      *If there are two winners, for each category, they will share the monetary prize.

Contest Rules:

  • Each submission must be on 16×20 to 24x36paper, canvas, or other material.
  • There can be no depictions of nudity, vulgarity, or anything that warrants disrespect of Muslims or any other group of people.
  • The theme of this contest is the Prophetic tradition of Prophet Muhammad (s) who said; “Respect your elders.” Please depict what this may mean to you or how it makes you feel.  This statement must be written or printed on the artwork itself or on a label on the artwork.  It must be in this form: 

                                       “Respect your elders!” -Prophet Muhammad

  • Submissions MUST be received by June 1, 2016:

          The Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno 2111 E. Nees Ave. Fresno, CA 93720

   Questions may be referred to (559)297-9535 or

  • Winners will be announced at our Eid Prayer service on Saturday, July 18th at 8:00AM. Winners do not have to be present to collect prize.  Winning art will be labeled and displayed at the Center.
  • All submissions become property of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno.
  • No staff or board member of ICCF or their families may enter.
  • Please detach the bottom portion of this form, fill it out, and return along with your submission.


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