Martin Ray Reilly Park: Call to Artist


Call to Artists

Martin Ray Reilly Park
750 N. Chestnut Ave, Fresno, CA 93722

The Fresno Arts Council requests qualifications from professional artists to create artistic visual enhancements to 4 shade structures at the newly opened Martin Ray Reilly Park.

This call is open to all professional artists locally who have demonstrated artistic excellence in public arts experience. Artists living in the San Joaquin Valley are strongly encouraged to apply.

Project Description
The park has existing shade structures that would benefit from visual embellishment with ceramic tiles or other materials used to create mosaic patterns or designs on the supporting polls. Materials selected for the proposed artwork must have long range durability and be treated with an anti-graffiti coat.

Unique to this project is the requirement for the artist to incorporate youth participation in the creation and installation of the art.

Each structure is a square 15’ shelter, with 8’ eave height and has four 24” x 48” size supporting polls. The base of the supporting polls will be expanded to accommodate the art work.

The total project cost cannot exceed $15,000 to include all supplies, materials and artist fee.

Application Deadline
Complete application must be received by 5:00 pm on July 29, 2016. Applications not received by 5:00 pm on this date will be returned unopened.

Mail or deliver to:
Fresno Arts Council
1245 Van Ness
Fresno CA, 93721

Submission Requirement
• Copy of current resume limited to three pages in no less than 12 point (Times Roman) font.
• 10 digital images; jpeg format up to 200 dpi, 600 to 800 pixels, presented on a PC compatible CD ROM or flash drive. Name filed with artist’s name and number per image.
• One copy of the image list identifying images by number, title, date and brief description of the artwork.
• A self addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage for return of the CD if desired. Applications submitted without SASE will not be returned and will be destroyed upon completion of the selection process.
• Do not staple or bind any of the written materials.
• Do not send original work.
• One copy of proof of insurance (see attached)

Selection Process
The Fresno Arts Council will convene a selection panel to evaluate the submissions. An Artist may be selected directly from the initial submitted applications. The selection panel may also elect to invite a short list of finalist for interviews.

Insurance Requirements
Specifications for Shade Structures

Refer all questions to Lilia Gonzales Chavez, Executive Director, Fresno Arts Council at:
(559) 237- 9734 or

PROVIDER, or any party the PROVIDER subcontracts with, shall maintain limits of liability of not less than those set forth below. However, insurance limits available to the CITY, its officers, officials, employees, agents and volunteers as additional insureds, shall be the greater of the minimum limits specified herein or the full limit of any insurance proceeds available to the named insured:
(i) $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage;
(ii) $1,000,000 per occurrence for personal and advertising injury;
(iii) $2,000,000 aggregate for products and completed operations; and
(iv) $2,000,000 general aggregate applying separately to the work performed under the Agreement.



Sample:  Blocks would be covered with proposed art work. Bottom 24” may incorporate river rock similar to seating wall below.



Playground at Martin Ray Reilly Park shows river rock seating wall


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