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Membership Campaign Launch

The Fresno Arts Council is pleased to announce the launch of our newly established Membership Campaign and we would like your support. The Fresno Arts Council is a State-Local partner to the California Arts Council, designed by the county board of supervisors to serve the county’s citizens.  As our community’s local arts agency, we provide, services and other programs to a variety of cultural arts organizations, individual artists, and the diverse communities of Fresno County.

The arts play a vital role in the health of our community and have the ability to bridge gaps, foster greater understanding and develop a stronger sense of community.

Our mission is simple, “to enrich people’s lives through the arts.”  Our purpose is to foster an arts community that recognizes and honors the contributions of its citizens to the arts; advocate to city, county, state and national institutions on issues of concern to valley artists; collaborate with community leaders, businesses, corporations, foundations, and other arts organizations to bring artist and audiences together.

Over half of voters in our community recently showed up at the polls to support the arts through their support of the Measure P Campaign, and our organization and arts community at large was humbled and energized by the consensus that the arts matter in the Central Valley. We feel an even greater sense of responsibility to capitalize on the momentum of the Measure P campaign and honor the voice of our community through our work at the Fresno Arts Council.

The success of our organization and health of our art community relies on both private and public support and the goal for our 2019 membership drive is to better fulfill our mission, enhance our programs and foster a lifelong love of the arts in our community.

As you consider becoming a member of the Fresno Arts Council, we encourage you to think about how the arts have impacted and enhanced your life.  Whether you are an artist, patron of the arts or art enthusiast, each of you is equally important to the Fresno Arts Council.  Together, through your generous support, we can help enhance and sustain a thriving arts community right here in the Central Valley.

“Support for the arts impacts all aspects of our community, from increased creativity in the classroom to a stronger economy through increased tourism and a creative workforce”.

With Gratitude,

Lilia Gonzales Chavez

Executive Director

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