Open Call for Artist Proposals for Tower District Dining Parklet Murals [DEADLINE: October 4, 2020 by 11:59 PM PDT]

Call to Fresno County Artists

Tower District Dining Parklet Murals: Round Two


Photo by Carlos Aparicio for the Fresno Arts Council

Project Overview

The Fresno Arts Council (FAC), in partnership with The Tower District Marketing Committee (TDMC), is seeking artists’ proposals for six murals to be painted on three (3) 4×8-foot (wood or metal) panels. These panels will be joined together and installed at a temporary Dining Parklet, which will be placed in front of several storefronts along Olive Avenue, and one on Yosemite Ave., in Fresno’s historic Tower District. Each completed three-paneled mural for the Dining Parklet(s) may extend to a maximum length of 30 feet when installation is completed.

This project is to support the restaurants in the Tower District that have been severely impacted by the circumstances of COVID-19. The TDMC plans to expand temporary outdoor dining spaces in the area so that local small businesses can continue to operate while in compliance with the state’s guidelines.

Artists will design a unique original mural design to be painted on three (3) 4×8-foot wood or metal panels to be installed at a Tower District Dining Parklet location. There are currently six locations available for Round Two (see below for details). Artists may submit unique mural design(s) for up to all six Tower District Dining Parklet locations with their application.

Each mural design should include some or all of the following qualities: bright, colorful, bold, low-maintenance, featuring images and/or designs representative of the Tower District. In addition, proposed mural designs should complement the respective business(es) in respects to their cultural nuances, stated or otherwise.

The TDMC’s Art Review team will review proposals from the total submissions pool and choose the final artwork(s) to be included in this project. Selected artists will be notified by the TDMC’s Art Review team. Panels will be provided to the artists. Murals will be installed every two weeks through Fall/Winter 2020; exact installation dates for selected artist(s) TBD with the TMDC after notification. Additional project information including site location(s) and space dimensions for mural panels are located below.

Project Description

Tower District Dining Parklet Murals

The TDMC is installing Dining Parklets Murals to be built off-site in 4×8 foot sections. Each panel with featured artwork will be added to its designated Dining Parklet at the time of installation, and all panels will be assembled on-site in front of five restaurants along Olive Avenue and one business on Yosemite Avenue.

Each fully-installed Dining Parklet mural will measure a maximum length of 30 feet total.

The following Tower District restaurants are included (as of September 23, 2020):

  • Cuca’s Restaurant (936 E. Olive Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long. Seeking a culturally-fitting design for their Mexican restaurant.
  • Lucy’s Lounge (733 E. Olive Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long.
  • FAB Fresno (716 E. Olive Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long.
  • Tower Blendz (802 E. Olive Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long. Seeking a culturally-fitting design for this Black-owned business for placement on Yosemite Ave.
  • Richie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs (844 E. Olive Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long.
  • Hi-Top Coffee (1306 N. Wishon Ave.): 3 panels, each panel 4×8 feet long; total 30 feet long.

Project Budget

The artist(s) will be paid $3,000 per completed three-panel mural, i.e. the Dining Parklet Mural.

Each Dining Parklet will feature one mural that will be composed of three (3) 4×8-foot-long individual wood or metal panels (provided by the TDMC), which will be built off-site then assembled and installed on-site in the Tower District. It is possible for an applicant to submit a mural design proposal for more than one Dining Parklet location. The total project cost per Dining Parklet mural proposal cannot exceed the allocated amount, i.e. $3,000 per completed three-paneled mural measuring a maximum of 30-feet in length when fully installed.

All estimates should include the total estimated costs of all materials (excluding the cost of the panels), labor, expenses related to installation including weather/graffiti-proof coating, and insurance to cover the transportation of murals to the installation site.

Project Calendar

Entry Deadline:
Submissions due by 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Send To:
Fresno Arts Council
1245 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721

10/5/2020          TDMC Art Review Team selects artist(s) and artwork(s)

10/6/2020          Selected artist(s) will be notified

TBD          Painted panels are completed

TBD         Painted panels are installed

Additional Information

  • The project is open to experienced artists from Fresno County age 18 or over.
  • All artwork design and completed panels will become the property of the TDMC to be used for promotional and fund development purposes.
  • The Fresno Arts Council reserves the right to make no selection in this process if the art presented is not appropriate.
  • There is no entry fee.
Photo by Carlos Aparicio for the Fresno Arts Council

Submission Requirements

Submit all requested materials, including mural design concepts, on a flash drive and deliver to the Fresno Arts Council either in-person or by mail (use overnight service if necessary) – Please clearly label all materials with name, email, address, and phone number.

    • One-page letter of interest.
    • One-page budget including all equipment, materials, and insurance.
    • Current resume – identify experience with public art or murals.
    • Identify website URL, if you have one.
    • 5 images of current, relevant work. Images should be JPEG, a minimum of 300 dpi resolution
    • Image list, with number, title, media, size material and description
    • Up to 6 digital images of proposed work for each Tower District Dining Parklet mural that includes title, media, size, date, and description. If submitting proposed work for more than one dining parklet mural, please identify your image files by using the name of the desired location.
    • 1-2 reference letters with contact information
    • Prepaid, self-addressed stamped envelope if you want materials returned


Please email Carlos Aparicio at:

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