Open Call for Central Valley Artists: Mosaic Tile Mural [DEADLINE: November 27, 2020 by 5:00 PM PST]

Call to all Central Valley Artists

Mosaic Tile Mural: Downtown Fresno


Now seeking mosaic tile muralists from the Central Valley until November 27, 2020!

Project Overview

The Fresno Arts Council is seeking artists’ proposals for an outdoor Mosaic Tile Mural to be installed on the northern face of a new building, which will house a 7-Eleven convenience store and fueling station located near Downtown Fresno. The selected design will be installed on a space measuring five feet and three inches tall (5’3” tall) by seven feet and two inches wide (7’2” wide), and feature images that reflect Fresno’s identity, past or present.

The selected artist(s) will install their original design on the outer wall of the building, as illustrated in the building mockup below. Proposals should identify all materials to be used to create and install the artwork, with considerations for appropriate weather-proofing in order to maintain the optimal beauty of the piece over time.

An art review team composed of both local neighborhood residents and art professionals will evaluate submissions and make final artist selection(s) for this Mosaic Tile Mural project.

Additional project information, including site picture and space dimensions, is available below under Project Description. Deadline to enter November 27, 2020.

Project Description

The project property (722 N. Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA) is located on the southeast corner of Blackstone Ave. & Bremer Ave. and is being redeveloped into a 7-Eleven convenience store and fueling station with a 5’3” tall by 7’2” wide outdoor wall space reserved for the public art installation to be mounted to the northern-facing exterior wall.

This piece should be designed and created with children. The property owner would like to have children involved in the creation of this piece.

Project Budget

The artists will be paid according to budget submitted. Total budget not to exceed $3,000.

Project Calendar

Entry Deadline:
Submissions due by 5:00 PM PST

Send To:
Fresno Arts Council
1245 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721

11/02/2020          Call to Artists announced

11/27/2020          Submissions due

12/02/2020          Art Review Team selects artist(s)

12/07/2020          Selected artist(s) notified

February 2021 TBA          Artwork to be installed

Additional Information

The project is open to experienced artists from the Central Valley age 18 or over.

The Fresno Arts Council reserves the right to make no selection in this process if the submitted artwork is deemed not suitable to meet the scope of this project.

There is no entry fee.

All rights to the selected artwork design(s) and completed mural will become the sole property of the commissioning property owner.

Submission Requirements

  • Submit design concepts and all requested materials on a flash drive either in person or by mail (use overnight service if necessary) – Please clearly label all materials with name, email, address, and phone number.
    • One-page letter of interest stating your interest in this opportunity.
    • One-page budget including all equipment, material, and insurance costs.
    • Current resume – identify your work experience directly related to public art or murals.
    • Identify website URL, if you have one.
    • 5 images of current, relevant work. Images should be JPEG format and a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Please provide an image list for these files including the title, type of media used, size, and general description of each work sample.
    • Up to 6 digital images of proposed work that includes title, media, size, date, and description.
    • 1-2 reference letters with contact information.
    • Prepaid, self-addressed and stamped envelope, if you want flash drive returned.


Please email Lilia Gonzales Chavez at:

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