Please Squeeze Me! Interactive art show.



Chris Sorensen Art Studio and Galleries announces “Please Squeeze me!”  an interactive and tactile art show.  This unique art show explores the possibilities and options for viewers to actually touch and manipulate the art, to interact in ways not usually offered in a gallery setting.


Call to entry:  Artists are invited to submit their most daring and clever work, involving the concept of interaction and tactile exploration.  Startle and delight the viewer with your unique approach to any kind of art that can be directly encountered by the viewer.  Examples include interesting textures in painting (or even on photography) and sculpture.  Kinetic art with moving pieces, or puzzles or moveable components are also welcome.  The level of interaction is up to you.  Invent a game; provide instructions. Add levers and buttons and arrows. Make noise. Surprise us, and show us that hands-on art isn’t just kid stuff!


Receiving Saturday January 28th 2017 12 to 4pm at Sorensen Studios 2223 South Van Ness AV Fresno CA 93721.  $15 per entry.

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