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City of Fresno Poet Laureate


The Fresno Arts Council City of Fresno Poet Laureate.


Lee Herrick – 2015-17

Herrick Reading Truths-http://www.fresnobee.com/news/article32581482.html

Author website (http://leeherrick.com)

LitHop website (http://lithopfresno.wordpress.com)

Article by the Fresno Bee:


City Appoints Poet Laureate 

FRESNO — Mayor Ashley Swearengin has appointed Lee Herrick as the 2015-17 Poet Laureate for the City of Fresno.  Today’s appointment served as a culminating event to National Poetry Month.   Lee Herrick is only the second Poet Laureate to be appointed by the City of Fresno

The Fresno Poet Laureate program was established in 2013 with the goal of showcasing the significant role of literacy in our community.

Lee Herrick has distinguished himself as a vital and inspiring part of the Fresno Poetry scene. Anthologies he has been included in are; Indivisible: Poems of Social Justice; One for the Money:The sentence as Poetic Form; Highway 99: A Literary Journey Through California’s Great Central Valley, 2nd Edition; The Place that Inhabits Us: Poems from the San Francisco Bay Water Shed; Seeds from a Silent Tree; Writing by Korean Adoptees; Hurricane Blues; Poems About Katrina and Rita; Visions Across the Americas, 9th Edition.   His work has also been published in multiple Literary magazines.

Herrick is a Professor of English Composition, Creative Writing (Poetry) and Asian American Literature, in that capacity he has influenced many young writers.

Lee writes with his feet in two cultures – the one her grew up in here in the US and Korea the one he came from; in that way he reaches all people.

Herrick is Founder and editor of the respected literary journal for the Central Valley and California the Grove, 1996-present.

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