Statement of Purpose:

The Fresno Arts Council, on behalf of the City of Fresno, seeks nominations for the position of Fresno Poet Laureate.  The person selected shall seek to advance awareness of and appreciation for literary arts and humanities within the greater Fresno Community.  As both a local resident and a distinguished poet, the Poet Laureate shall represent and celebrate the diversity and history of Fresno.  As a spokesperson for the City¹s literary community, the Poet Laureate shall endeavor to promote the artistic achievements of the City of Fresno and shall actively participate in ceremonial, educational and cultural activities in the community at various times throughout his or her term of service.

Term of Service:

The Poet Laureate for the City of Fresno is an honorary position.  The individual selected will serve a two year term, commencing in April 2013.

Term Expectations:

As a condition of the appointment, the Poet Laureate will participate in a minimum of four public functions when called upon throughout the term of service.  Additionally, the Poet Laureate shall aim to be actively involved with local schools and endeavor to create or facilitate workshops and readings that will bring the Poet Laureate into contact with students and the public.  To the extent possible, the Poet Laureate also will establish programs to coincide with his or her term of service to promote community awareness of the literary arts and to encourage community members to develop their own creative interests.

Who May be Nominated:

  • Must be a current resident of, or work in the City of Fresno and its environs for at least five years.
  • Must be available to travel throughout the great Fresno area community.
  • Must be a recognized poet/spoken word artist who meets the criteria listed below.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees for Fresno Poet Laureate must meet the following criteria:

  • Should have a proven history of substantial publication of individual poems and/or books.
  • Should share a connection to Fresno by his or her influence on other writers in the community.
  • Should be able to demonstrate their appreciation for Fresno in regards to its culturally diverse community.
  • Should have an established history of activity in the Fresno literary community, i.e. readings, publications, public presentations, and /or teaching.

Nominations due by March 25th, 2013

Click Here to download the nomination form.

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