Art & Soul- Art Symposium.

Join us for the Art and Soul Arts Symposium!

Workshops & Performances
Kepler Neighborhood School
October 7, 2017
$30 for admission


Art and Soul is a one day Symposium for artists to meet and collaborate, performers to be showcased, and instructors to share their knowledge of art related business practices.

The symposium will be comprised of workshops instructed by experts in each of their specialties. The breakout sessions provide writers, actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists with an opportunity to network, share ideas and plan for the future.

Our workshops will include How to Get Your Work Published, Digital Marketing, Preparing Your work for Exhibition, Making Local Murals, How to be a Teaching Artist, Grants, how to get them and Discipline Specific Roundtables.

Our goal is to create a vision for the arts in Fresno County. 


Tentative Schedule:

9:00: Welcome, General Session with keynote, performance

10:30: First breakout session:

  • “How to Get Your Work Published”
  • “Digital Marketing”
  • “How to Prepare Your Art for Showcase”
  • “Local Murals”
  • “Teaching Artists/ Arts in Corrections”

11:50: Lunch and special performance

1:40: Second breakout session

Round-table Discussions:

  • “Where’s the Money?”
  • Literary Artists
  • Visual Artists
  • Musicians
  • Performing Artists

3:00: Evaluations and refreshments




Are you interested in being a vendor at the event? Click here for more information : Vendor Form