City Hall Call to Artists 2020

Are you interested in having your artwork shown in Fresno City Hall for a month in 2020?

Fresno Arts Council is now accepting submissions.

Click HERE for a submission form.

Click HERE for PDF guidelines

For more information contact the FAC office @ (559) 237-9734

or email-

The City of Fresno (City) and the Fresno Arts Council (FAC) wishes to expand the art experience for the public, to make available to this community artwork of high quality, to help create a more visually pleasing environment, and seek to provide awareness in the diverse histories and cultures of this community.

City Hall is a public facility of the City; it’s not a formal museum, nor is it a commercial gallery; it’s a facility for conducting government business. The audience ranges from children to the aged, from employees to the general public, from people with limited life experiences to the sophisticated, from the few who come to the facility specifically to see the exhibits to the many that are required to be present for various reasons. The exhibit provides artists with access to a wider audience and it provides the public an exposure to art and history, which they might not seek on their own. All exhibits related to arts and humanities should be appropriate for such a mixed audience. Inappropriate artwork will not be displayed.


  1. The City and FAC will be responsible for providing the necessary supplies needed for hanging the exhibits. If special equipment is required, FAC and their Curators will coordinate with the Exhibitor and the City.
  2. The City and FAC do not provide insurance for the artwork of the Exhibitor.
  3. FAC will schedule a meeting before the exhibition at City Hall to review the agreement and guidelines.


  1. Each work cannot be taller than 34”; the length size is open on north and south walls; on east walls, work can be considerably higher, but not wider than 54”. Each workcannot weigh over 50 lbs. All work needs to be wired to hang in our hanging system.
  2. Each work must be completely dry–no freshly painted work accepted; professionally finished and framed (uni-frames not acceptable); backed with hooks and coated wire positioned near the top of work and ready for display.
  3. Write artist name and title of work on the back of each work.
  4. Exhibitor will deliver work on the scheduled dates at City Hall at 8:30 a.m. and pick up work at 8:30 a.m.
  5. Pedestals or easels to display work are not permitted due to safety regulations at City Hall.
  6. Deliver work and labels describing each work to be displayed next to each work. Print labels using Avery “Clean Edge” Business Cards; handwritten labels not accepted for display. No changes to labels will be permitted during the exhibit. If changes are required contact FAC with said changes and provide an equal label for replacement. Sold pieces can be marked with a dot sticker on the label. The information required on the labels are as follows:

Title of work

Name of artist



Price; show NFS if not for sale

Exhibitor will provide FAC a list of work exhibited. If possible, include numbered stickers on artwork matching the artwork to the numbers on the list.

  1. Exhibitions must include an “Artist Statement” describing artwork, size 8.5” x 11” framed, mounted and ready for display. Email the statement for approval prior to the exhibition dateto:
  2. Exhibitor will deliver work at City Hall andPreparator will select work to be exhibited. PLEASE NOTE: Artwork will be selected and hung at the discretion of the Preparator. After work has been selected, Exhibitor will take the work that was not selected.


The Exhibitor selected to display artwork at City Hall must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Signed Agreement and Schedule of Works must be submitted to FAC beforeexhibition is mounted.
  2. Schedule of Works must include prices consistent with the labels displayed.
  3. Provide a name of a person to coordinate and oversee all arrangements necessary for the exhibition, publicity and installation plans. Exhibitor must provide all labor to transport work to City Hall, and whatever else is deemed appropriate.
  4. Exhibitor will deliver and pick up work by the designated schedule. If work not claimed by the pickup date, it will be transported and stored at the FAC office.
  5. Exhibitor can provide a reception during ArtHop on the first Thursday of the month from 5-8 pm; free to the public. Receptions not on a regularly scheduled ArtHop must be approved in advance by FAC.
  1. An Alcohol permit must be requested a month in advance in order to serve alcohol during your reception. No alcoholic beverages are served to minors at the receptions.
  2. Exhibitor must be present during the ArtHop event, or other receptions open to the public.
  3. No soliciting of a private or political nature shall occur with the exception of informational material regarding the artist’s work or the organization itself.
  4. Public information and/or advertising regarding the exhibition, receptions and other activities are the responsibility of the exhibitor. FAC must approve the use of their name in any promotional materials and reception details in advance.
  5. Exhibitor must provide their own insurance; the City and FAC does not provide insurance.
  6. Artwork displayed may be available for sale. Exhibitor is responsible for the sale transactions. The interested party will contact FAC and we’ll contact the Exhibitor.
  7. Exhibitor agrees to notify FAC one month in advance, or ASAP, if unable to exhibit work during the scheduled dates at City Hall. FAC will seek a replacement for the exhibition.


  1. Artwork will not be displayed without a signed Agreement and a Schedule of Works.
  2. All exhibits and events are subject to change without notice. FAC will do their best to keep in contact with Exhibitor of any changes.
  3. Artwork cannot be added, or removed premature to the exhibition schedule.
  4. Artwork must not be of a nature that would threaten public safety, or contain graphic nudity or profanity.
  5. Exhibits must abide by all City and Fire Code Regulations; access must be available to all exits at City Hall.
  6. No painting or reconstruction of any wall is allowed.
  7. No hammering, screwing or pounding, or attaching anything to the exhibit walls, spaces, or areas are allowed. Hanging rails and display space and area must be used appropriately.

Please sign and return this form, if selected, to exhibit at City Hall and you agree with all the above guidelines. This form must be signed and received in our office within 15 days of notification to Exhibitor, or this agreement is canceled.

Exhibitor’s Signature: ______________________________________________________

Printed Name: ____________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________________________________________

Cell: ____________________________________________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________________________

Note: This is an abridged version of the City of Fresno Exhibits in Public Places Policy accepted by the Fresno City Council on June 2, 1992.