Sierra Art Trails Special Winter Exhibit "Gathering"

Hello All!
There are only three days left before the “Gathering” exhibit deadline!
We know that the deadline is tight.? If you are working on something, but
need a few extra days, you can submit a “proposal” for consideration by the
jury. Please be as thorough as possible describing your work and its intent!
Without exception, completed works are due by the receiving date ( November
5th, 2013).
“Gathering” can be the result of intent, evolution, or entropy. In nature
and in life, things come together and move apart. Often…”Gathering” is the
result. We look forward to your submissions!
The Application Process for Sierra Art Trails Special Winter Exhibit
“Gathering” closes October 20th.
Dowload the application at
“Gathering” A Sierra Art Trails Special Exhibit
November 9 to December 8, 2013
Artists Reception – Saturday, November 16, 2013, at Stellar Gallery
Application deadline:? October 20, 2013
Who Can Apply – The exhibit is open to visual artists worldwide, working in
any medium. Submitted works must have been completed in the last three
Awards – Cash awards will be presented as follows.
Best of Show – $400, 1st place – $300, 2nd place – $200, 3rd place – $100.
Three 3rd place awards will be presented.
Cost to Apply – $20 dollars for the first image and $10 for each additional
image. A maximum of six works may be submitted for consideration.
Commission on Sales – Sierra Art Trails receives a 30% commission on works
sold from the exhibit.
Submission Guidelines – ?Gathering? is a juried exhibit focused on how and
why things come together. What does this word conjure in your imagination?
Join us in an exploration of the idea of Gathering and what it means in our
This exhibit is intended to examine the concept of ?Gathering? both
literally and conceptually.? People and things gather for many reasons.?
Examples are found in nature, science, philosophy, spirituality and our
personal lives.
Definitions and Ideas – Gathering:
1. to accumulate, collect, bundle or store
2. To convene, converge, meet, or assemble
3. a group of living things – a flock, swarm or school
4. a social group – a crowd, congregation, audience, troupe, band, or
A hen gathers her chicks to protect them from danger. Leaves gather where
the wind or water deposit them.
We gather what we treasure. We gather to store or to hoard. As children, it
might start with a collection of pretty stones or beach glass.? Gathered
treasures are shared with generosity, or hidden away in greed.
With friends and family we gather to celebrate or to grieve, and it touches
us deeply.? Moments and occasions spent together are treasured.? We are
reminded of these treasures in the silver we polish in preparation of the
gathering and the photo albums we reminisce over once things have come and
We gather to work, to accomplish a common goal difficult or impossible to
accomplish alone.? We gather to play, to compete, to fight.? We gather to
solve problems or resolve conflicts. We gather to learn more about the world
and each other.
We gather for strength.? We gather our wits. We ?pull ourselves together? in
order to move ahead with confidence and resolve.
The jury will consider subject, craftsmanship, aesthetics, innovation,
creativity, and content during the jury process.? It is not necessary that
works focus on a specific issue, however the jury will consider the intent
of the work in relation to the overall theme in the selection of works for
the exhibit.?
Application Instructions
To enter, complete the application form and submit to Sierra Art Trails at:
Sierra Art Trails, PO Box 3045, Oakhurst CA?? 93644
Review Application for on-line submission instructions.
Dowload the application at
Application deadline:? October 20, 2013

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